Ante Up

Prediction Time, please.

NC = Obama by 5-7

Indiana = Hillary by 3-5

Headline:  Both sides claim victory, but ultimately the outcome clarifies nothing.  HRC continues to make the “electability” argument, but we start to see some high-profile superdelegates endorse BHO.  A stalemate tomorrow should make some of ’em realize it’s time for some decisive action.

(Fantasy: Obama wins both, “stealing” Indiana due to the backfiring of Hillary’s gas tax bullshit. HRC bows out and we get down to the business of Defining John McCain… Speaking of, please DNC, if you need some pro bono opposition research on that score… ‘just saying.)


3 Responses to “Ante Up”

  1. andrew Says:

    i lived in a house on a navy base in virginia beach where a man was stabbed to death at a party hosted by John McCain

  2. jordan Says:

    looks like Andrew is offering up some pro bono background research as well. Who knows, maybe the murder weapon was a letter opener that McCain had given the killer for xmas?

  3. rob Says:

    lets go super-D’s!

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