Shipping News- Louisville

this was the kind of music we filthy sewanee hippies rocked when i prevailed upon the frat house residence room.

this and ratdog.


8 Responses to “”

  1. Kyle Says:

    Oh, to be listening to Son Volt in the butt fuck middle of Eagleville again.

  2. dlp Says:

    cool. you might remember that i was gone by the time you lived there, so i hadn’t ever heard this band before. i like.

  3. jordan Says:

    I’m in the process of unpacking a bunch of shit, some of which I haven’t seen in some years now, including a Shipping News bootleg that someone recorded (Nick?). I can hear you and kyle in the background at times, I think; that, and intense chatting of people who don’t seem to be caring.

    (I also rocked out the ole Entrance Cymbals recording while I put dishes in the cupboards late last night; not the one with the weird polka tangent, I think its the “Even cowboys get the vein” one. Nicest moments happen late (like, the 59th minute or so, so late that I don’t think I’d heard them since we played it)

  4. nuge Says:

    Yup, that would be my boot. I don’t even have a copy of that show anymore, would like to get that. The people talking were so obnoxious I told them to shut the fuck up. Hopefully you can hear that on the recording. I work here in Boulder with a 40 year old dude from Louisville that is really into SN. And by the way Pat, Ratdog just announced they’re playing Red Rocks with the Allmans, the same weekend you’re in D-town. Sounds like it could be a reunion of sorts. Miss you kids.

  5. nuge Says:

    I also have a double disc recording of No Credit No Problem at the house that’s priceless. As I remember it the second set was Like a Rock (12+minutes)>Take it to the Limit (18+minutes)>Night Moves E. Wanna Get Lost in Your Rock & Roll. First set includes a blazing I’m On Fire. Lots and lots of banter on that one. We were playing shirtless and getting beer bottles thrown at us during the show.


  6. jerry Says:

    Gimme your address and I’ll send you your SN bootleg

  7. pattyjoe Says:

    we need to go see the bros./ratdog tour, right?

  8. nuge Says:

    I think so, but can’t be totally sure until I see some summer setlists. The most recent ones look bomb. Saw Phil last weekend, sort of unimpressed although the setlist from the night before looked sick.


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