Survey Again

If somehow compelled to pass an awkward evening among upper-middle-class, middle-brow intellectuals, I could discuss _________ without sounding like an ignoramus:

a) The difference between free verse and blank verse

b) The difference between banks and credit unions

c) The difference between stocks and bonds

d) The difference between “techno” and “house”

e) Vichy France


26 Responses to “Survey Again”

  1. wobs Says:

    Ai yi yi. I’ll have to go with b, but only because my mom is a pro-credit union shill works for a credit union.

  2. wobs Says:

    Silly html – the “is a pro-credit union shill” should be struck through.

  3. lexdexter Says:

    i’m going to figure out a way to work “pro-credit union shill” into my new political punk band’s repertoire – don’t worry.

  4. testface Says:


    free verse, banks, and house music are all controlled by stockholders and paid officials.

    also, stocks have no iambic pentameter

  5. minx Says:

    A) is one in which I’m guessing that I know more than the average middlebrow contender.
    D) and E) would be ones in which I can keep up, but not control the flow of the conversation.

  6. Martin Says:

    Only Vichy France for me. I love me Vichy.

  7. jordan Says:

    I would ask where the bathroom is and sneak out through the window at this party.

  8. RK Says:

    the difference between viruses and bacteria and what happens to bacteria when viruses cling to their cell membranes in alternating blank and free verse, using banks, credit unions, and stocks and bonds as metaphors, with a techno-driven house beat in the background and in a Vichy, French accent.

  9. dlp Says:

    i would sneak out with jordan so we could go smoke one in the back yard.

  10. minkles Says:

    In that case, I would leave all of the conversations and go look for David and Jordan outside.

  11. wobs Says:

    Yeah – I didn’t realize that bailing on the party and getting high was an option!

  12. dlp Says:

    It’s always an option.

  13. minkles Says:

    Now, what sort of conversation will take place among the people outside?

  14. wobs Says:

    A) Workingman’s Dead or American Beauty?
    B) Baked or fried?
    C) Can you feel your toes?
    D) Dude, I could totally go for some chips and salsa.

  15. lexdexter Says:

    chances are we’d start up a round of “The Game Where there Are No Winners, Only Losers.”

  16. Dave3544 Says:

    I thought we’d talk shit about lex and his crappy parties.

  17. andrew Says:

    ghost seconds, hidden seconds

  18. jen Says:

    I would not participate in the conversation, but would observe what and how you all talk about those things and then write a paper about the discourse. I would, however, participate in the outdoor activities because it’s important to participate in something.

  19. Kyle Says:

    I would aggressively hit on every lady over 50.

  20. minkles Says:

    Things are definitely getting loose now.

  21. dlp Says:

    maybe talk about the merits of textrous lighters vs. regular.

  22. wobs Says:

    I think we’d also be discussing how folks like us get invited to upper-middle class, middle-brow intellectual parties in the first place. Did they slum in some dive bar to find us?

  23. lexdexter Says:

    People like us are bound to end up at middle-brow parties, just as they’re bound to invite us. It’s a symbiotic relationship like with the elephant and the bugs or bird or whatever.

    They provide the booze and we provide the Netroots, bubba. I’m only doing this shit cuz I think it might get me on Hardball. I used to dream about being on Charlie Rose, but now it’s Hardball. I wanna be Hardball.

  24. elvira Says:

    How bout this– which one of those conversations are you most likely to find yourself in? B and c seem not unlikely. I think I’d walk out as well.

  25. Nuge Says:

    Highbrow/lowbrow same thing, out back hittin the liquid sword, maybe some shroomage that would make the answers a lot more funny, just don’t take so much you can’t talk.

  26. km Says:

    to be totally honest: i’d be the most likely to sneak into the other room, google the shit out of the topic, and then return to the party to pass off the new-found knowledge as if I were an authority. that’s the beauty of blog parties.

    sans wikipedia, i’d steer it to blank v. free verse, of course.

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