a plan

i have a plan for dealing with the onslaught of great, new, smart heavy music that drones and yawns and rocks and has cool art and limited edition, virgin vinyl releases. the plan’s called “going over to rob’s house.”

that said, i’m not overwhelmingly in the mood for communing with my metal roots, which were always more AstroTurf-style roots considering the metal-as-crap company i keep w/ raenie and turstfur. the troof is that sugar/unwound/slint are closer to home w/ me in all sorts of visceral ways i’ll never undo or try to undo.

i think this speaks to the weird experience of just barely qualifying as a generation x-er, assuming the metrics involved being born before 1980. i was born in Feb 1979, and always ran with an older crowd. so metal never seemed uncool, it always was in proximity, but it doesn’t quite evoke “anthems of my youth” vibes in the same way as alterna-indie stalwards and/or my inherited baby boomer influences like dylan and young and also-rans like joel.

all that, merely to introduce this nice feature with personal guitar hero dave pajo in the Onion, on the topic of his ‘mid-life crisis’ metal project, Dead Child. it’s still hard to read him talking about Zwan, as i was around for some of the as-yet-unspoiled moments before the fall. but more than the guitar moves i’ve stolen, it’s Pajo’s awesome, unspoken and punk-as-fuck lack of affect that sets a lingering standard
for me.

also, props to jason heller, whom i’ve watched rise from being an underlooked, badass zinester to a full-blown, Onion-working-for whatever.


7 Responses to “a plan”

  1. Kyle Says:

    I swear to God Pajo is more interested in that photoshopped band photo than in his own record…

  2. lexdexter Says:

    yes, but i think he is trying to reserve the right to play in band’s that aren’t “important” or obsessed over or whatever.

    mueller told us that he had a child, right? and i read somewhere that he’s living in Columbus rather than in Louisville with the band.

    i wonder what he does by day?

  3. Kyle Says:

    Teppanyaki chef at popular Japanese steakhouse

    re: pic
    This was the third interview I’ve read in the past week where he obsesses over the Yow-doctored photo. One quote was something like “it’s worth buying the album for the photo alone.”

  4. minkles Says:

    I like the “going over to Rob’s house” bit.

  5. m. potato Says:

    “I don’t want to talk too much shit about Billy, but… He really does know how to beat the sound and life out of music.”

    Funny preface to a heavy-handed statement…

  6. Kyle Says:

    I’m going to see Earth tonight, btw.

  7. lexdexter Says:

    speaking of art-rock-hard-rockin’ rock.

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