beginning dissertation chapter preparatory ritualism

Instead of counterposing ‘vagueness’ to a mature political logic governed by a high degree of precise intstitutional determination, we should start asking ourselves a different and more basic set of questions: is not the ‘vagueness’ of populist discourses the consequences of social reality itself being, in some situations, vague and undetermined? – Laclau


2 Responses to “beginning dissertation chapter preparatory ritualism”

  1. Dave3544 Says:

    You’re obviously playing a whole different game here than I am, but, as you may know, I’ve always been troubled by the apparent intellectual randomness of “populism” as we know it. If a decent portion of populism is playing on the fears and prejudices of the American people, then maybe we shouldn’t expect coherency from them. As I mentioned to you, I recently saw a speech wherein our new Labor Commish decried “out-of-state” workers coming in and taking jobs that, I was led to believe, somehow “belong” to Oregonians. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one in the crowd to raise an eyebrow to this idea, but it sure did get a hearty round of applause. Fortunately, we were talking about high-tech jobs, so no one was picturing these out-of-state workers being, you know, Mexican, but I couldn’t help but wonder about what would happen if we were talking about “immigrants” taking our jobs. I imagine that many in the crowd would have been troubled by this rhetoric as it flirts with racism, but are untroubled by the “state-nativist” (what do you call it?) language. Anywho…now I am babbling and, am, as always, troubled.

  2. lexdexter Says:

    “state populism” and “progressive nativism” are the neologisms i’ve been trotting out to try and situate “Our Oregon” as a front and the public-service complex of RNs, social workers, bureaucrats, janitors and teachers as a political coalition.

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