2 discrete observations and one effervescent truth-fizz

1) The thing about behaving like a loser is that it’ll make a loser out of you. This goes for all of us. I jumped on top of some guy in line at the coffeehouse for saying that “social science” was an oxymoron. That says way more about him than me, but the campaigning and the I-5 corridor and all the weirdness with the weather has me feeling like i’m a character in a watercolor version of Annie Hall: it’s the Marshall McLuhan scene, or maybe the Gene McCarthy rally, and i’m playing the ensemble role of Ideologue. It’s its own kind of self-caricature, and leads to moments where politics itself no longer seems political…which is when you know yr lounging in yr own white privilege, even though you characterize that privilege as suffering in your own mind.

2) Neither hard partying nor intensive intellectual activity are quite the match for the vagaries and the urgency of campaigning. Campaigning… campaigning. What happens if you lose?

3) The best is taking Raenie to the Oregon Coast.


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