banned in DC

wow, i should be maybe banned in DC, which will always forever ensure it’s fun to go back.

most notably i enjoyed a really fun, necessary, expanded hang-out with wobs on Friday night; i rocked a gay western bar, engaged with pols and staffers and workers about HRC and John McCain, strategized and schmoozed. and that kramer bookstore rules, btw. stupid hotel on Capitol Hill. it actually would have been a good time if i’d brought raenie.

goddammit it’s great to be home: raenie, campaign, baseball, itunes mixtapes, ballot initiatives, gtff bargaining, etc. playing with the turstfoe this week.

back with more soon.

ps – album art about ready to be produced. album release may 17th @ simbunds w/ heavenly oceans.


2 Responses to “banned in DC”

  1. Barry Says:

    got a favorite ballot initiative that’s out in May?

  2. Jen Says:

    I love that you love kramer books. My best friend and roommate in D.C. worked for the cafe and it’s one of 9 indie book stores I applied at but wasn’t given a chance. I preferred the used book store down the street anyway. Did you go to busboys and poets?

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