The Truth About Graceland

post of the effing week, if not the year

here’s to them muckrakers over at jambase, huh? ‘can’t wait for the first Paul apologist who chimes in with admonishments that, shucks, we all know that Rhythm of the Saints was the real shit, anyway.

12 Responses to “The Truth About Graceland”

  1. minkles Says:

    Not to defend Paul Simon – I really dislike the music of Simon and Garfunkel, honestly – but I’m not sure some claims made by members of Los Lobos are going to convince me that Paul Simon is any more cagey, clueless, backbiting, competitive, and self-absorbed than most musicians and performers, especially those who have experienced some level of financial success.

  2. Barry Says:

    minx, You mean like Robbie Robertson?

    Nice pic choice, Pat. It really nails his crappiness, I think.

  3. Kyle Says:

    Barry, you still up for Graceland as your desert island disc?

  4. Kyle Says:

    Is that Tilda Swinton behind Simon?

  5. Barry Says:

    No, Kyle, this changes everything. I’m going back to the ol’ standby: disc 3 of 5/26/1973 Kezar stadium.

    (remember our huddle last may?)

  6. minx Says:

    And how about those fuckin slacks.

  7. Kyle Says:

    Dear Barry,
    I forgot about that until now!
    I’m gonna get 05-26-73 tattooed onto my forearm…

  8. dlp Says:

    nice observation minx. love the sharp creases, i guess edie brickell is a pretty good laundress.

  9. lexdexter Says:

    shellfish digs paul simon and hates hugo chavez – this is a fight i can win! – p

  10. dlp Says:

    you’re not trying to bate me are you lex?

  11. lexdexter Says:

    punk rock beer in your face, Lupine One!

    of course i’m not trying to get uppity. i’m just being little brotherly and snotty. which is my divine right, i’ll have you know.

    really i’m just jealous because you got to see son volt w/ marc spencer on the Fall tour. – p

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