new gameboard…we’re dancing like nobody’s watching, chooch.

1) I purchased the MajorLeagueBaseball package from my cable television provider and am already a more placid jackrabbit than when you knew me before.

Also I’m rather sick from four weeks of deadline upon deadline, bobbing in and out of facial-tick territory, and the addition of expansive MLB access to my life is performing the necessary correctives of a) chilling out my fixation on prez politics, b) helping me sleep, and c) calming the less sustainable, more icy and anxious fires inside of me.

I have always associated baseball less with sports or anything man-made, and more with natural, supernatural, mysterious and empirical forces like The Sea.

2) Is it weirder that the Pirates are also known as the Bucs or that the Replacements are also known as the Mats?

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