way out in the weeds

a free, postage-paid copy of the Prisonship’s 2 x cd March 2008 mix goes to whoever’s got the best definition the verb form of “bird dog.” judges will be looking for accuracy, but also zest.


6 Responses to “way out in the weeds”

  1. km Says:


    in this here image, Soda is “bird dogging” a jazz-handing Jensco. That’s also a birds-eye view of downtown Juneau.

  2. minkles Says:

    bird-dog also bird·dog (bûrddôg, -dg)

    1. To observe or follow closely; monitor: Jack bird-dogged Kim’s movements to determine the quality of her “weed”.
    2. To seek out: he bird-dogs “blue-hairs” at the Waffle House to sell “herb”.

  3. sw Says:

    soda is a dog bird.. 🙂

  4. testface Says:

    “Call me crackers but I’d venture to say David Grubbs was totally bird-doggin’ those steak knife chops Santiago Durango slashed out a couple years earlier. Who can blame him?”

    yeah you know where I live.

  5. minkles Says:

    So, uh… who gets the mix?

  6. minkles Says:

    or should I say: who gets the minx?

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