msnbc, yeah!

  1. something you might not know about me is that i have a weird, gooey soft spot for Chris Matthews, who if you cross him with Sam Waterson on Law and Order would pretty much be my Dad.  cultural anthropologists appreciate when people like Matthews can transcend a society’s self-description and reconcile one’s imagined community with a simultaneous and correlative set of material activities     anyway, this is an insane portrait of the man himself, more of an operator than an activist. but those of    us in politics know that operators are an effective character type, indeed. and it helps when their operations are in service of redistribution
  2. somehow paul f tompkins was on with olbermann last night. there were no amazing laughs, but just the basic yucks of hearing tompkins riffing on the colombian trade agreement was enough for the price of admission. ‘loved that elizabeth edwards interview, too. i would love to know the real story of the Edwards’ meeting with Hillary after South Carolina, wouldn’t you?
  3. oh and then there’s Joe and Mika, who are on when i wake up in the middle of the night. “Morning” Joe Scarbrough and Mika Bryzinski both remind me of members of a Polish-American-Catholic clan I shared white ethnic grade school experiences with. we used to go out for pizzas and sodas after basketball games, glen and me, and his mom reffed for something like $30/game.

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