Back in Le South

I’ve already been to the Wafflehouse twice w/i them last 11 hours. Oh, how the processed cheese square curdles, bubbles, melts but retains a certain squareness over them scattered, smothered and yes, covered spud-strips.

maybe the night after tomorrow night i’ll go over there and throw on jason and my favorite WaHo anthem, “(Let’s Spend) Saturday Night at My Place.”


6 Responses to “Back in Le South”

  1. andrew Says:

    waho has gravy now!

  2. Kyle Says:

    waffle House takes charge cards now…

  3. Martin Says:

    did you see mr. sting there?

  4. minkles Says:

    Hey blue hair!

  5. Jason Says:


  6. hsifllehs Says:

    “hey man, y’all got a joint to sell me? i usually got some but everyone’s out around here. local stuff is real good though, they call it ‘stupid weed,’ man.”

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