wow, thanks shellfish.



6 Responses to “omg”

  1. lexdexter Says:

    i feel like i was standing at exactly that angle for a lot of 2000-2001.

  2. minkles Says:

    This looks like a promo shot for some kind of surf-n-sun soft porn flick from about ’78.

  3. shellfish Says:

    yeah minx, martin is clearly about to give pat a big smooch. this was taken in austin during sxsw, as martin was just arriving and the others in the crew were leaving.

  4. Elvira Says:

    That can’t be 2000-2001. Is that what you meant?

  5. hsifllehs Says:

    its the spring of 2000, during sxsw. i know because that’s when i had that rediculous “beard.”

  6. Tronn Says:

    Did you hear that the ax is moving to south africa??

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