constitutive dualisms

i’m rehearsing for a new sitcom entitled constitutive dualisms starring larry dwyer.

anyway, i had a question for you people:

which do you prefer, the Barnes and Nobles or, perhaps, do you, maybe, ultimately prefer Borders?

….hmmm. have you heard this rumor?  isn’t it weird to think of bookstores as constituents of financial markets and all the stochastic trappings of speculative capitalism? bookstores!

i guess it’s better to forego all this careering capital and get our books at the union shop with a better buyer and equally easy, nation-wide internet retail capacity.  


3 Responses to “constitutive dualisms”

  1. minkles Says:

    I’ve always preferred Borders, despite my sudden termination of employment (there’s more on that, if you want it). I would say that Borders has become more like Barnes and Nobles in recent years.

  2. lexdexter Says:

    bendro, i’ve worked at two different Borders establishments in my time, and let me tell you that i’ve never quite figured out what was going on with that business model.

    also, i know jen worked with B + N in Our Nation’s Capital.

    the particular, middle-brow, Diana Krall/Paul Reiser sensibility that informs these chains’ book/music/movie buying strategies is unfortunate. i also never manage not to spend money in anyone of them i’m in, ever.

  3. minkles Says:

    Ha, good one.

    There was a time where Borders seemed to have a much wider and deeper selection than Barnes and Nobles. You know, books that no one would ever buy, but the right kind of visiter would feel good about a store that would have such books while getting a cappuchino and buying Atlantic magazine.

    I don’t know if Borders has really changed or if I’ve changed, but it doesn’t seem like they pull that off for me any longer. Unfortunately, I spend a lot of money at Borders and I have a
    Borders card.

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