PrisonKos, MidAfternoon Open Dread

  1. So while the Richardson boost comes down, the “major speech on race” resonates and the path to victory looks more and more perilous for Sen. Clinton, Obama’s peeps are nonetheless ramping up the oppositional rhetoric... A good idea? I think so, actually, as long as its via surrogates. You?
  2. Note my man and blog-peer DRADAMS shares the love for the new Bob Mould, tho I myself won’t be joining him at the hyperbolic heights of calling District Line better than Zen Arcade, Copper Blue, Beaster or my newly-discovered fave Flip Your Wig. Badasses no less well known that Jason and Malone will be attending the March 28th, full-band show at the Doug Fir in Portland. Anybody else wanna get in? Does anybody know if Fugazi warrior Brendan Canty will be on drums, or does anybody wanna opine about their fave Mould-related alb of the moment?
  3. Maybe my glumness is just, maybe, because of the finality of the Wire’s finale setting in. ‘Looking forward to David Simon’s next move, though. Unlike health care mandates and Hugo Chavez, I’m happy to report that Barry O’Bama and I agree on the Wire, which has replaced Twin Peaks in the halls of my echelons. Your favorite television show is what?

2 Responses to “PrisonKos, MidAfternoon Open Dread”

  1. Dan Says:

    Want to take that trip to Ptown w/ ya for that there show.

    I really like the new album. I think it manages to sound both stately and groovy–two words I don’t think I’ve stuck together before. The new esthetic is really cool to me, really authentic. I am a big fan of Modulate and think it might even be the best
    of the three “electronic” albums. I’m not dissing it or anything, but I think the Workbook-era song that closes out the album proves the point of his new work by not really ending the record so hot. It sounds like a pair of solid birkenstocks next to some killer Puma tunes. I also think the interviews for the press cycle this time around show an artist really speaking well about issues that artists don’t often talk about, even if they are in a more together place: that health, community, and optimism really matter. That the workaholic/addict model wipes out alot of artists and is really built into the business, but doesn’t have to be. It’s brave to say those square truths, and not in that “went to rehab” way that is pretty common. It is totally cool to me that his blog is a new kind of vessel of community, rather than isolation. I am pretty sure the band touring is the dyno band from the last two albums, and that “divide and conquer” is raising the roof in most sets. Would be neat to hear “all this I’ve done for you” and “deep karma canyon.” Also, Reed G told me tonight that he’s in a Love tribute with Chris Ross AND Pete Weinberger. What the…? Awesome!

  2. Dan Says:

    p.s. there’s a certain baseball team in a washington city up north that features a number of games against a certain team from Kansas City. There is an Amtrak that goes up that way, is there not?

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