Calling John Edwards

So, Obama just gave the single most impressive political speech that I’ve witnessed in my American life. So doing, he demonstrated a kind of leadership that transcends quibbling over who is or isn’t “ready.” In his willingness to engage and not dumb down race and class in the USA, Obama also effectively quashed some progressives’ concerns as to whether or not Barack Obama is enough of a “fighter” to lead us into making meaningful change in the country, even if at first it means leading us into anguished, unspoken and powerful pits of fear.

It’s time to endorse, former Senator Edwards.


3 Responses to “Calling John Edwards”

  1. jordan Says:

    ditto, that speech was unreal.

  2. peter Says:

    Just the opposite, time to endorse Hillary, Obamas speach was that no more no less. A speach where he threw is poor grandmother under the bus in front of the world yet associates himself with Rev Wright.
    And showed America that he is a liar Friday one answer Tues another.
    John Edwards stands up for the poor, not people like the Obamas that make over $400,000 and cry they cant afford child care and nanny. Give me a break.
    Then all of a sudden the money he got from Resco now going up daily. Not a man to trust.
    A vote for Obama is a vote for an OBAMA–WRIGHT Ticket

  3. kyle Says:

    I would vote for the Obama-Wright ticket.

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