from this person’s lips to whatever….

wishful thinking from the Fix predictions thread.… anybody else have a weird feeling today’s not going to be good for the “Hope” camp? not only that, but HRC is starting to land punches, thus showing McCain how you might could maybe Beat the Man, which is exactly why we need a scenario like this one…..

On Wednesday there will be a gathering of Democratic elders. Joe Biden will get up and endorse Obama as the new leader of the Democratic party with exemplary judgement and good experience. He will introduce Bill Richardson who add his endorsement saying that Obama has shown he can unify all segments of the party. Richardson will then introduce John Edwards who will say he believes Obama has what it takes to fight for the working American. Edwards will introduce Fritz Mondale who will remind us that his nomination by the superdelegates in 1984 was a disaster which shouldn’t be repeated. He will introduce Al Gore who will tell us from personal experience that the person with the most votes ought to win the election. Finally, Gore will introduce Jimmy Carter who that he sees Barack Obama causing political realignment the same way Ronald Regan did in 1980.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will be standing in the background. Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy will be looking over their shoulders to make sure they clap.


2 Responses to “from this person’s lips to whatever….”

  1. km Says:

    on pins and needles up north here.

    in the meantime, we’re fighting equally significant battles.

    after losing the battle to save the kingdome, however, those of us with any sort of sense for “reality” aren’t particularly hopeful.

    lacking hope,


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