Dear Hugo

“The Colombian government has turned into the Israel of Latin America,” said Chavez during his show on Sunday.

“Colombia is a terrorist state that is subject to the great terrorist, the government of the United States and their apparatus,” he explained.

Hugo, your situation is different from Barry’s. You are completely in the right in defending your country, and doubtless rallying justified support from your continent… but the rest of the world is watching you, too. And no matter how gratifying it might be to throw in an unsolicited “fuck israel, by the way,” by doing that you’re playing into the hands of The Great Terrorist.


4 Responses to “Dear Hugo”

  1. daveedo Says:

    this episode does not bode well for your boy hugo, especially if it turns out to be true that his government is giving the farc money and (presumably) safe harbor along venezuela’s border with colombia.

  2. lexdexter Says:

    so dav,

    do you support the uribe government going into ecuador after the rebels? into venezuela? do you support turkey going into iraq?

    from whence come these allegations that chavez is harboring/subsidizing FARC? and if true, is that any worse than the US’ subsidizing the uribe government? how so?

  3. lexdexter Says:

    never mind, got the dope:

    but anyone who wants to debate the relative merits of being a citizen in venezuela to those of living in colombia, well, whatevs.

  4. dav Says:

    i don’t mean to let the US off the hook and i understand what you’re staying. farc, the right-wing paramilitaries, and the colombian gov’t (with US help) are all committing atrocious human rights violations. we should not support uribe while the status quo is allowed to continue. but it’s certainly not going to get better for colombia or the region if ecuador and venezuela are actively supporting the farc.

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