Prisonship Headlines, Campaign Office on a Saturday and Questions

it’s funny, it kind of feels more like being in grad school than anything.

How Green is my Cor-VALLEY
Thursday I appeared in a guest spot lecture context at the Oregon State University.

My lecture was entitled, Who Owns Oregon’s Wealth? And Who Do We Think We Are?

Anyway, the best part was avoiding the freeways on the way home, and taking a sunny afternoon spin through 30-40 miles of two-lane, rural routes. As the man says, “the rural route sleeps while the city bleeds all over itself.” I feel better in small towns. While so many Sewanee chums, in particular, have busted out towards metropoles and cosmopolitanism, I can feel my lanky, joizee ass moving towards a town like Oceanside, with maybe 5 stop lights, one coffeehouse, a small local grocery and a post office. i think that’s the sort of backdrop i’ll need to continue developing this research, strategy and writing without having a stroke. maybe pretty soon i’ll stop caring about how i dress myself, and you’ll come to know me as a huge man-sandals guy.

BESTUV 2007 list will still happen..
it’s just that the writing on the prisonship bestuv 2007 needs to be particularly lurid, because to a large extent the albums reviewed are things you’ve seen ballyhooed on this blog or in other such gigantic, important media outlets. it’ll also involve a full-scale review of Son Volt’s double LP, On Chant and Strum, which is challenging if yr me.

by far my fave and the most interesting bestuv 2007 is the one churned over at Zen and the Art of FacePunching, one of the very best of the hardcore-emo-indie-punk rock milieu of blogs that are as basic to my diet as cliffbars and bananas. but mine’ll be coming soon, don’t worry.

Jack Rankeears spellbinds Art People
i went with a bunch of artist friends to see legendary post-French theorist Jacques Ranciere in Portland last evening. his argument was what you’d expect when hearing a post-Althusserian, post-Discourse, Alain Badiou-damaged aesthete giving an art talk. the argument was crackling, but not unexpected. the illustrative art works were engaging and righteous.

i believe in the karl marx who says that capitalism is not a thing, but a relation; thus, i’m ready to switch the question of the art object away from “what is the object?” towards, “how then shall we engage or de-center this object?” no problem, mate.

most notably, ranciere showed footage from guy debord’s filmic rendition of The Society of the Spectacle. it was really startling, and made me wish there was a music version of Society, performed by Daydream Nation-era Sonic Youth. what a shallow comment I just made.

anyway much of the afternoon we pranced discretely around the Pearl District. the combined effect of the well-dressed people with the money to pay for taste, and the tableau of men’s and women’s haircuts, mingled promisingly with the combined effect of well-placed “public” spaces and the tables for matte and wiederman’s consumption. sauntering sometimes a bit too preciously, i really enjoyed the company of the many old and new friends.

like barack obama, portland winks at me knowingly and elicits sympathy even at its most contrived.

Anders and Jay Farrar and Marc Spencer tonight, boom!
today i am working in the conference room of the office, but soon my comrade Barry and my one true love will converge upon Portland, and we will meet/greet Nail and Julia. then two of my beloved singers will play in a very nice, informal sit-down theatre.

question: does anybody know a state or sizable US city that doesn’t, at this point, feature a restored, grand, WWII era movie theater that occasionally hosts “special events” like PJ Harvey shows or Studs Terkel readings?

question 2: name a British punk rock record from the 1970s that’s as good or better than the Clash. note: thin lizzy does not qualify as a British punk band for multiple reasons.


3 Responses to “Prisonship Headlines, Campaign Office on a Saturday and Questions”

  1. m. potato Says:

    OOPS: posted under the wrong entry. here:
    ’twas good hanging out last night at le art talk…and to answer your question:

    1. I’d be willing to wager that phoenix doesn’t have WWII era theater that hosts people like elvis costello and Garrison Keillor. They do have a an online university tho’…

    2. how ’bout “In the City”, the debut album by The Jam?

    to steal one of your oft’ used phrases;

  2. minx Says:

    Hey man, the online University of Phoenix isn’t in Phoenix. It’s in Nashville, I think.

    For the 70’s British punk album contest, I’d go for Nevermind the Bollocks… over the early Clash. London Calling doesn’t qualify as a punk record really, but it’s better than Nevermind the Bollocks.

    But if we’re including American bands, the Iggy and the Stooges album Raw Power is the best punk album ever. I even prefer it to earlier Stooges incarnations because it is so sleazy, raw, and problematic.

  3. wobs Says:

    Wire’s Pink Flag for your punk rock question. That album is tailor made to cruising the city on foot – I’d put it on before The Clash if I wanted 70s punk.

    The University of Phoenix is, literally, everywhere, but I’d be willing to bet that they either got their start and/or maintain corporate hq in Phoenix. And I’m betting there’s an old WWII armory that hosts shows somewhere in the greater Metro area.

    BTW – you’re making me miss PDX.

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