Paris Uprising May 1968

ha, fancy that.



maybe we as a public need to follow obama’s campaign and pivot towards the general election and upcoming referendum on the occupation of iraq. maybe we should just start referring to obama as “The President,” and maybe our doing so will make him seem all the more, you know, presidential. check out this display of president-esque potential president-ness.

i’m sick of this half-assed psychodrama.  they are no longer talking about issues at all, besides the “issues” that they have with each other. where’s Edwards?

the expression “circular firing squad” keeps coming up in conversations about the election, these days, you know? please discuss.

just checking in

i am currently amidst heavy academic writing as part of a collaboration w/ jen and another awesome person who will not be named.

abilene is carrying me through. who in this readership have i not pushed abilene upon?  sewanee people: their second album sounds, like, halfway between demasiado and congratulations.

constitutive dualisms

i’m rehearsing for a new sitcom entitled constitutive dualisms starring larry dwyer.

anyway, i had a question for you people:

which do you prefer, the Barnes and Nobles or, perhaps, do you, maybe, ultimately prefer Borders?

….hmmm. have you heard this rumor?  isn’t it weird to think of bookstores as constituents of financial markets and all the stochastic trappings of speculative capitalism? bookstores!

i guess it’s better to forego all this careering capital and get our books at the union shop with a better buyer and equally easy, nation-wide internet retail capacity.  


wow, thanks shellfish.


raise him up and remember him. view him.

prisonship mourns the passingbut not the passage – of Actor Richard Widmark.

Barack Obama in Salem, OR

in the great capitol city of Salem, OR.