Dear Barry Obama

That was stupid. There are things worth being open-minded about, this we all know. But not fucking vouchers.

‘Little neo-gramscian rule of thumb, here, in lieu of just aping AFT talking points: these days, there’re no battles more important than those waged defending and nourishing every single service/agency/outlook that includes the words social and/or public in ’em. Anybody differ?


3 Responses to “Dear Barry Obama”

  1. wobs Says:

    Mouth. Words. Taken.

  2. m. potato Says:

    ’twas good hanging out last night at le art talk…and to answer your question:

    1. I’d be willing to wager that phoenix doesn’t have WWII era theater that hosts people like elvis costello and Garrison Keillor. They do have a an online university tho’…

    2. how ’bout “In the City”, the debut album by The Jam?

    to steal one of your oft’ used phrases;

  3. Dear Hugo « The PrisonShip Says:

    […] your situation is different from Barry’s. You are completely in the right in defending your country, and doubtless rallying justified […]

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