ahem, North Country Duchess

ahem…looking fwd to some kind of statement from jen lyn about Kosovo?


3 Responses to “ahem, North Country Duchess”

  1. jen Says:

    Kosovo is the heart and soul of 500+ years of a tangled mess of political and cultural history marred by multiple Empires, wars, land, religion, nostalgia (for what? good luck figuring it out). It is largely symbolic (and unattainable), so too bad so many people still live there. I can hardly do it justice but my opinion is that independence for Kosovo is damned for a while. Independence will not solve any long term conflicts in the Balkans; nor would keeping it apart of Serbia. It might just embolden the nationalist Serbs in Eastern Bosnia who are calling for a nation-state of their own (ick). And Vojvodina. And are more nation-states a good thing? Me thinks not really. On another front, Kosovo (c. 1990s-present) is a scary, scary international neoliberal experiment that needs no stretch of the imagination to make it dark and sketchy. “It” doesn’t really care about the people of Kosovo/a per se, and this (failing) experiment is still in the making, so I want to wait to see what unfolds in the upcoming week or so. Of course Russia has already spoken against it and Condi has responded by saying not much of anything so it’s good to know talking heads of the Cold War are still in tact. Nice map. The red is awesome. Still thinking and exhausted…

  2. jen Says:

    P.S. I get a lot of information from here but don’t have time to synthesize right now:

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