kim gordon endorses barry obama

seriously. , see the video here.

funny, cuz i found this out amidst some of the highest-level crap/not crap: obama debate i’ve yet read, part of the leftbusinessobserver email group.

either way, the kim/thurston brand gets a bye, cuz this was a long time coming (thought i’d never see it, actually, what am i talking about?)  obama’s the first mainstream prez candidate evuh to mobilize the sort of youthful-horde-cum-proletariat thing they have been trumpeting ever since they were post-adolescent enough to get utopian about adolescence.
congrats kim and big t!


4 Responses to “kim gordon endorses barry obama”

  1. nuge Says:

    Kim for vice or my wife!


  2. Barry Says:

    Sorry, I just realized… “Barry Obama”??

  3. old hack Says:

    ugh. Sonic Youth has bitten the dust officially in my heart.

  4. Winston Says:

    Shut up and sing won’t work in this case. She’s simply unable. To sing that is. Shut up and think? She’s clearly not a thinker. How about just shut up?

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