Back in the Valley Girl days, preppy meant rich kids that didn’t get punk. Now you have “Bad Religion hanging out with Britney Spears/Pink and Rancid helping each other’s careers,” so preppy is the only thing left. Laugh if you want, but it’s gotten so hard to be weird these days you have to practically build a brick wall around yourself and be prepared to zoom over to the new thing at the drop of a trucker hat. – vice mag

or, mebbe i’m just rationalizing away a not-so-slow drift towards LL Bean-ish austerity/severity?


2 Responses to “twoo”

  1. Kyle Says:

    I’m trying to get away with the 24-hour boner/gymshorts look this year. Is that illegal?

  2. lexdexter Says:


    There’s promise with the gym shorts. Two mebbe counterintuitive points, though:

    1) Polo shirts only on top. Nothing collarless, at the very least, though anything long-sleeved or button-down might be pushing it., unless yr willing to modulate into khaki “dress shorts.”

    2) No socks whatever. It’s gotta be either Vans or Sperrys or lowtop White Cons, and no fucking tube socks pulled to the knees! That’s way too 1985/2004.

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