sick, but ready to make a synthetic statement

The Desultory Political Commentage

  1. I miss John and Elizabeth Edwards, first family of the Dems’ socialist wing.
  2. Also I have a bad feeling about the fate of the Dem race.  McCain’s apparent inevitability could result in a situation where Hilly gets away with arguing that her hawkish self is the best-prepped to challenge and beat the man. Bear in mind that I’m sick and thereby a little sad, but I have a terrible feeling that the prolonged race cannot but trend Hillary’s way, Obama’s favorable calender and ampler coffers notwithstanding.  This is, after all, the Democratic Party we’re talking about: why wouldn’t they succumb to the lesser-of-two-not-bads and run another off-key, we can do a better job winning the war campaign? That’s just what I’m feeling today, though. And I should counter that by adding that my most insider-ish insights come from a Hillary supporter, and he tells me that crowd is pretty worried, itself.
  3. But you know what, Obama’s cooler than being just “not bad.” He’s the last best chance we have at a truly transformational presidency rather than the sort of restoration of neoliberal orthodoxy Hillary promises.
    But, I’d like to see some real, left-liberal wonkishness from Barack to match Hillary’s service-model-style fact attack. That’s what’s missing with Edwards gone, it’s the implicit challenge to centrist political economics: that’s maybe the challenge I’m most concerned with, or at least the most qualified to engage in. Note that Progressive econ-guru Paul Krugman’s bitching on the mandate/no-mandate issue has been rebutted by no less a mind than the Center for Economic Policy Research’s own Dean Baker.  Interesting debate, that, one which points to the contradictions of talking about “universal health care” without talking about moving to a single-payer system. Just like Edwards’/Clinton’s plan to mandate coverage, Obama’s frustrating-but-no-bullshit objection to the mandate – that it’ll always end up punishing people for not being able to afford coverage – gestures towards the necessity of removing insurance companies’ from the equation….  Barring that solution, though, here’s a devil’s advocate argument for Barack: admit it, it’ll play better in the general election. Of course, any Dem plan prolly’ll get flaid.
  4. Also, Michelle Obama is one of the coolest people ever. Did anybody happen to see her stump speech on CSPAN last week? Best oratory of the season that didn’t come from someone named Edwards.

Musky Awesome Rock Talk

  1. Ry-Ry show weeks ago was the most fun I have had at a rock show in a very long time. The Cardinals really are a band, you know, at a time when we’re a 70s rock band, just wanna get on the road and rock is boring even me as an ethos.  My favorite WilcoMagnoliaVolts all kinda live there – some less than others, admittedly, and those’re the ones i’m gravitating towards more – and it’s starting to feel as rote as leather jackets and hair grease, you know? That said, the Cardinals sounded like the Faces and Dead Meadow covering Bob Dylan through a combination of the Smiths’ and Sonic Youth’s equipment. Seriously. I was stunned. Even perfect-er tones/gear than Wilco, who’re rightfully so-often evoked as tone princes.
  2. I don’t even know what kind of music I like today. It’s degenerated – or  evolved – into a very i-tunes-ish, single-song world.  Plenty of historic hardcore/emo like Radio Flyer and Shotmaker, but also plenty of soul. I’m a little lost, I’ll tell you, but smart people remind me that doesn’t necessarily need to be bad.
  3. Similarly with the playing of mine own songs. Last Saturday I played a breakout basement battle with Cassidy and Dan’s bands, both of whom deserve blogposts of their own. It was the first very electric affair I’d fronted in a while, and felt good, despite the songs, all of which I’m ready to see manifest in cd form and filed away. Nice to get into the SY-heavy, build-and-pulse world of vamps and shimmering drone, though. I don’t know what I’m going to do next, exactly, but again, that’s a blessing as long as I get to enhoy this transitional period with so righteous a chorus of strummers as those I’m currently in cahoots avec.


  1. Honestly my life’s a nice place to be because my loved one’s businesses are booming and I’m not as suspicious of myself as I’ve shown m’self to be capable’ve being in decades past. But I do miss a lot of people.
  2. Satorday I’m 29, and hoping for a set of silver fork tines.
  3. Experimenting with setting the tone for another undetermined but not insignificant period of no drink-y, already a half-month old. What’s left for me to learn from the one-m0re-game, besides the depths of indulgent day-after  self-contempt. That biz is a young person’s, or a dumb person’s or a sick person’s game, and I haven’t proven to fluent at the grown-up game of moderate-ness. It’s amazing what happens with quality of life when you don’t have to allow for 2-4 lost Sundays a month, as is.
  4. Privacy notes: I took down the myspace and received a weird, offensive voicemail on the workphone this week. Who knows? My low-key profile still feels a little too high-profile, and I wonder if the next move isn’t to try and bulletproof the p-ship, if that’s even possible.

7 Responses to “sick, but ready to make a synthetic statement”

  1. wobs Says:

    So, what’s it gonna take to get you out to DC with Dave and Courtney on March 29?

  2. nuge Says:

    Happy b-ish day. I miss you buddy. I can relate to the drinky not drinky vibes, I’ve been playing the same game since the trip to the poke. But like you I get this urge to reset the clock about every 2 weeks. So it goes yo, I think its becoming more of a social thing and not as much a coping mechanism, at least. Is Geertz not the most eloquent individual on the face of the earth?! It does the soul (or at least mine) to revisit the old sage.



  3. andrew Says:

    “the Cardinals sounded like the Faces and Dead Meadow covering Bob Dylan through a combination of the Smiths’ and Sonic Youth’s equipment.” Damn, Good Words!

    Happy 29th!

  4. Kyle Says:

    “Bulletproof the p-ship”

    username: starwarz69
    password: mmanson

  5. david Says:

    Patty, did you hear about this story? Jay and Jeff vacationed on a Mexican beach one house away from each other. In between was a UT fan.

  6. lexdexter Says:

    nuge, we’ll talk.

    goff, what’s the 29th, the Higher Ed bit? i dunno, lobby uncle for me.

    andrew, really, that’s what it sounded like.

    shellfish, more than imagining their awkward interactions i keep thinking about jay farrar in board shorts!

    kyle, you’re way over my head and i think i like it. happy effing burtday by the way… you’re overdue present is still only hald-formed, sorta like a fetal Voltron that hasn’t sprouted the LegCats… that’s what you call them, right, LegCats?

  7. Barry Says:

    you could probably ask Will about LegCats

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