i need to be asleep but it’s wednesday and i need to sort out my personal filings, correspondence and all that before i get to sleep. here’s some brief items:

1) the dan band, cassidy band and my band are playing a full-blown basement show saturday night. sewanee luminaries smith and walker will be joining brother ‘face‘ and i.  we’re playing some songs from the album and some other songs.

2) ryan adams, barack obama, radiohead.

3) it’s weird to describe commodity fetishism without talking about sex too much. zizek, before him freud, lacan and mostly judith butler and pierre bourdieu have informed my thinking on that one, a lot. i think i’ll eventually read a lot of lacan, jean-luc nancy et. al. all those british film critics, and of course

4) i’m giving a “political education” presentation with a colleague at the organizizizizers’ office* on Friday, that’ll begin with a Laclau/Mouffe bit about chains of equivalence et al. It’ll be a peak experience….how far off can my Maoist period possibly be?


santana joins the Mets.

6) and goodnight.

* to whom it may concern: pls, pls don’t ever refer any less than very, very obliquely to my work and scope of practice.


One Response to “zzzzzz”

  1. nuge Says:

    Santana to Mets!!! A good way to avoid the September collapse, I hope!

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