Well, Bill

Take ‘er easy. It’s probably true that the debates never lent themselves to you establishing your superior foreign policy credentials, and it’s certain that this political culture won’t abide arguments as nuanced – or blueprints for transformations as qualitative – as those tied up in your “New Realism.” But you also seemed like quite the bumbler in all the debates,  most memorably on Meet the Press that time.

But maybe you’ll be Veep, eh? And it’s good to hear you say what you’re saying about Cuba, really.


4 Responses to “Well, Bill”

  1. Dave3544 Says:

    Bill always looked like Veep material.

  2. m. potato Says:

    hey pj, do you have any thoughts on this guy?


    a curious dude

  3. Willbrrz Says:

    What? Am I supposed to go to the links in your posts to find out what you are talking about, or is there some sort of decoder ring that I have to send in cereal boxtops for?

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