Prisonship congratulates Sen. Hillary Clinton

well, now we see what Obama is made of.

otherwise, all I’ll offer by way of response/analysis is…. what he said.

who even cares about the GOP at this point? we’ve got the bleeping apocalypse going on, over here. i’m glad we all get a few days off. i need to listen to some records, remember i’m a socialist, and exhale. mebbe get back in the pool, that’s what i’ve been thinking all night.

tomorrow i lecture about Money – and the anthropological evolution thereof – to a room full of 225 twenty-year-olds. you’ll recall althusser’s famous comment, that beginning readers should be forced to skip the first 13 chapters of Kapital, the ones about the commodity form? well, it’s weird that in lecture two of a class about capitalism, we follow marx on this weird journey into the seemingly magical shell which conceals no treasure besides our own anguish.  it’s very appropriate in a marxist sense, but i’m doing my absolute best to really backburner marx. silly as it may seem, these kids seem more comfortable with political economy than they were with the idea of political culture, or the culture of politics*. so maybe i’ll ironically end up getting all geertzian and going on lengthy riffs about the cosmology of pepsi commercials.

* erickson can confirm that there actually is a distinction between these two ideas.


4 Responses to “Prisonship congratulates Sen. Hillary Clinton”

  1. km Says:

    to be a fly on the wall in the back of that lecture hall…

    I trust you’re in Prince Lucian Campbell?

  2. minkles Says:

    I’d like to attend this class. What sorts of questions do they ask?

    You should try to find a way to quote from the Miles autobiography.

  3. jen Says:

    *I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I’d like to be a fly on that wall too. I’m sooo out of academic mode and it feels weird.

  4. nuge Says:

    Dude push the Geertz, good to know a little two person Soc. Theory with Hamer got you as hot and bothered as it did me. Throw in some Rorty and you’ll be on ur way!

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