Well, shucks

Just real quick: during the debate saturday night, when Edwards jumped to Obama’s defense and landed a definitive blow to Hillary’s “change” edifice…I had an auditory hallucination.  I really thought I could hear the page turning on the Clinton era of Democratic politics. Sayeth Roger Simon:

But if Obama succeeds in putting together a coalition of black voters, Latino voters, young voters and the left wing of the party — the wing that has never forgiven Clinton for voting for the Iraq war — Clinton’s depth of knowledge may not count.

Blacks, Latinos, young people and the Left, huh? Jeez, you’d think this was the Democratic party or something.

People will say Edwards’ move was largely a strategic thing…sure. But just the fact that it makes strategic sense to rid this race of yesterday’s heroines is good enough for me. And as for Obama… he’s got the hot hand, no doubt, and obviously doesn’t have much to fear from an Edwards surge. Does anybody think it’s possible that Edwards’ “sticking it out until the convention” could get parlayed into another veep nomination, and a ticket that the people’ll dig, but the pundits will meaninglessly label both “post-partisan” (sic) and “populist”?


6 Responses to “Well, shucks”

  1. jordan Says:

    I hope to god that Edwards gets on the ticket. I would take the 2 of them in any order, though it’s cool to imagine him leapfrogging into the pres seat after 8 years as the vp to Obama (I know that’s a little far sighted, but they are saying that Obama is like a new, dem Reagan). In case you didn’t notice, I’ve gotten over my edwards issues, partly in thanks to you
    We watched Edwards and Obama in the debates imagining invisible high-fives and “B.F.F.” notes passed between them. Edwards even said something like “whoever gets into the whitehouse – me or barak – will have to…..”. He was like “yeah, I wouldn’t mind if it was barak”, and Obama was equally praiseworthy.
    rambling on, I thought the Edwards’ camp’s new tack at Obama being too philosophical/academic was pretty funny.

  2. Martin Says:


    I’m for Obama, but this is much more important than anything else.

    Dan Hampton

  3. lexdexter Says:

    yes, that ticket would be mind-numbing, and we’d all have to accept the fact that, shit, this is probably are 1968 and it’s all downhill from here.

    problem is that IF things play out as Obama vs. McCain – and I’m getting ahead of myself, obviously – you’d think that Barack would pick a centrist veep candidate.

  4. jordan Says:

    is it too much to hope that Obama would just be like “we got the f#%in’ momentum” and not have to pull the centrist move?

  5. minx Says:

    The Festival.

  6. Barry Says:

    Jordan, you’re alive!

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