dimpled and fetal

on different records checked out of the library:

black crowes, three snakes and one charm

really? this is a disaster. this is from not too long after the somewhat lovable southern harmony, but it sounds like stone temple pilots covering pump-style aerosmith with lots of hammond b-3. i thought that these guys could at least outflank cheryl crow and pearl jam in the “yeah, you may laugh at the glitz, but at least they’re keeping it real with the 70s rock vibe” sweepstakes. well maybe i don’t know, now. avoid this.

stanley turrentine, sugar 

what? i had to try. i feel like i’ve let raenie down, having inaugurated a whole “less indie rock, more soul” period, and taken it to some objectively vacuous but personally very curious places. well, i had to try.

george benson, breezin’

loaded with personal significance, this outstanding bit of “jazz” carpet was first laid on me at an (‘inspirational’) lecture by a then-assistant coach for the utah jazz. this music, and the “genre” or “moment” or “tendency” it encapsulates, has its place. and i’ll never feel truly comfortable until i live in that place. i also have been rocking a late 60s blue note recording by GB that’s as “good” as you could reasonably expect that sort of affair to be.


2 Responses to “dimpled and fetal”

  1. jordan Says:

    Benson’s role in Freddie Hubbard’s “Straight Ahead” is impressive

  2. km Says:

    having seen bensons name next to the word “guitar” on some mainstreamy jazz recording in my late high school years, i thought i’d hit the jackpot finding a “breezin'” cassette at the salvation army for 25 cents. turned out this was something a little different–a welcome, smooth different.

    do tell about then-assistant coaches w/ the Utah Jazz. Juneau is Jazz crazy, thanks to carlos boozer’s continued success.


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