falgun again en revue


quite a nice life treat, reunioning with jordan and dave for a coupla shows. better still we spent three days prior rehearsing. we dusted off a bunch of weird tunes that’d been kind of lost, and played all the stuff from what would’ve been our difficult second album. it felt great, and i think it went over well. i know that i had a little more gas in the tank at the eugene gig, but i think the portland one mighta been smoother. thanks to everybody who came out.

best of all of course is the comradery, which still runs very deep with my friends from the band. on top of that there was the pleasure of digging on – and in one instance, playing on – very righteous sets from squids and pellet gun. it’d been too long.

oddly, too, i think i may’ve reached a point where i can listen to that oafish deke falcon album without wretching… not that i’m going to try.

right now thinking about playing/seeing music makes me kinda contemptuous. hence i’ll be taking a “break” – not that i’ve played more than 20 gigs in the last year – until the solo record is done, at which point i’ll hopefully assemble some shows as far north as olympia? who knows. the problem is that, even with a stockpile of songs, i think about potential directions – free rock, more fingerpicking wank or mission of sonic post-clunk – and yawn.


One Response to “falgun again en revue”

  1. jen Says:

    Wish I could’ve attended some of those shows. I marvel at how you attend to everything you do. Can’t wait to hear the final cut of the solo album.

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