this was a heavy period

this was the late 1990s in monteagle, tn. beside me is snooty c, who would one day wed my big brother shellfish. brady-palace-late-nite.jpg


6 Responses to “this was a heavy period”

  1. andrew Says:
    i don’t know if you knew it was back

  2. minkles Says:

    You know I made a painting based on this, right? I don’t have it anymore cuz my dad’s lady bought it in ’99 or so.

  3. nuge Says:

    I think I puked on that couch circa the same period…STINKY!

  4. lexdexter Says:

    i know…wish i coulda seen the paintin’.
    this was the night before martin left sewanee.

  5. david Says:

    nice one! note the busch cans on the table. i have another pic i’ll be sending you soon.

  6. elvira Says:

    Yes, I thought that scene looked oddly familiar, but not quite how I’d imagined it.

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