in rainbows

who thinks chelsea clinton probably has a copy of the new radiohead record.

i’ve got it – first alb of theirs i’ve paid money for since the ok computer cassette. i like it fine, but i like all mopey, non-stupid, post-MBV art rock from britain. that’s faint praise, but whatever, i’m sure you can go elsewhere for hosannas. i do like it.

production-wise, though… maybe they could make a less pro tools-y record sometime? it’s weird that i think a lot of this is recorded live, but it still has weird, pro tools-y seperateness to it. maybe thom yorke doesn’t think he can sound “haunting” without that.


3 Responses to “in rainbows”

  1. minx Says:

    BILL Clinton prob has it from when it was available for a free download. Do you think he chose the donation option?

  2. pattyjoe Says:

    bill clinton seems to dig charitable foundations and other such, suspicious and grandiose organizations.

    luther richards, the cavalier!
    and handsome, winsome Flanders who
    trebled, tripped, traded himself in
    for a necklace and the mercenary’s sense
    of the lever.

  3. minxo Says:

    “the mercenary’s sense of the lever.”

    Nice one. Is that new?

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