John Edwards on Countdown with Keith Olberman: 1-4-08

real quick:
i hope everybody heard obama’s speech last night? it was really moving.

i know that most people reading this blog understandably thirst for some non-election subject matter. it’s coming, this is the last i’ll say on this for a while.

but, don’t let my overkill disabuse you of a notion to watch tomorrow’s dem debate. it will be 25x more intense than anything we’ve seen before.

the clock is really ticking in NH, you know?

i would like to know you’re response to this edwards appearance, and his situation in general, though.


2 Responses to “”

  1. km Says:

    as i’m too busy keeping up on the nascent pac-10 regular season, the sad truth is that i’ve come to rely on the prisonship for my politico punditry. which is to say: keep it coming.

    as for the clip, i could get behind an obama/edwards or edwards/obama ticket. seems early to take this angle, tho’, no?

    very nice to see y’all in eugene,


  2. nuge Says:

    He’s playing the sort of game I thought he would. Stressing the dialectic of status quo vs. change. Altho. I don’t think the public ultimately will respond unless something drastic happens, Obama’s got a pretty good chance given Bush’s propensity for “smooth sleigh rides” (read low gas prices, optimistic talk) towards the end of his terms.

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