obama encore

in the time it’s taken me to respond to two very savvy responses to my obama query, both “Big Labor” and the “Netroots” have backed away from Obama’s candidacy towards Edwards.

what does it mean? probably not much. in this zero-sum context, and with all the purely speculative and ultimately irrelevant “electability” bullshit taking up so much attention….well, Obama really has no choice but to run towards the Center. the question isn’t so much whether his nonpartisan posture is legit as it is, will it work? obviously i think it will work tomorrow, but equally obviously i hope i am wrong.

with edwards i believe that, yes there are (at least) two americas. and with gramsci i believe that, yes, we do need to be loud and proud about picking sides, and louder and prouder about organizing. but, organizing and electoral politics are different things – just like social movements and political parties are different things. with adolph reed, i wish “the movement” would explore that distinction.


One Response to “obama encore”

  1. andrew Says:

    unrelated– fuck, did you hear Evan Farrell died in a house fire?

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