conservative/not conservative, crap/not crap, iowa predictions

Just as Rush Limbaugh felt the need to weigh in on the “Huckabee: conservative/not conservative” poll sweeping the nation, I wanna ask you if Huckabee’s “crap” or “not crap,” as far as hypothetical Republican dinner guests go.

Now some begrudging predictions. Lemme issue a big “yr welcome,” first, as I’m sure each of you’re happy that I restricted most of my caucus eve wanking to personal emails among the other two members of my personal labor troika.

Anywho, on the GOP side:

and then, uh, more hopefully than confidently….

anybody else?


One Response to “conservative/not conservative, crap/not crap, iowa predictions”

  1. Jason Says:

    JE in a shocker in Iowa, Huckabee also, less of a surprise, but more of a problem…

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