Cubism? Dead?

 What the hell is the Washington Post doing, weighing in on questions like this?

Is it really pretentious to loathe, loathe, loathe this kind of New Yorker or New York Times “Arts and Leisure” bullshit? Because I loathe it for the snobbiest of reasons: it’s always behind the times, it’s always focusing more on the horse race of personalities or the trendiness of the work, and its attempts at “criticism” are most embarassing of all.

I’m less qualified to weigh in on the fine arts coverage, of course. But I can tell you that the literary world as represented in those pages is as stagnant as two years ago’s LL Bean Catalog.* And as for the music coverage, well… the occasional, pseudo-ethnographic coverage of this or that brooklyn “noise” band is enough to make me wanna track down jackson browne albums.

but back to cubism… now we can focus on how middle-brow-at-best i am.  just so happens that i love demoiselles d’avignon, and all those brown-on-brown renditions of ouzo bottles, too. for whatever my opinion is worth, i do think that cubism is among the most towering of twentieth century isms, and far more vital a force in my imagination than, say, structuralism.

* full disclosure: i definitely wish-list’d some duds from the LL Bean catalog this holiday.


One Response to “Cubism? Dead?”

  1. minx Says:

    I don’t like that article very much either. Like you, however, I have a soft spot for Picasso’s cubism (thru the analytic period, at least). Man, you should check out Richardson’s comprehensive, detailed, and opinionated biographies of Picasso. Huge volumes dedicated to ten or fifteen year periods of Picasso’s life. I really recommend them. Richardson writes like a 1950s aristocrat, so expect a lot of hints at unwritten Trefz Hayden verses.

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