going, going…

chasepack fave tom tancredo may bail out a demain, leaving only ron paul (and, uh, alan keyes) to hold it down for the GOP’s look at me, i’m insane! caucus amidst the presidentinatorial run-up. ‘looking forward to see who will benefit from the endorsements of high profile also-rans like tancredo and/or tommy thompson and/or sam brownback and of course jim gilmore.

what a long, white prance it’s been…. i think obama, at least, could take any of these cats pretty easy…. sans mccain, who’s showing signs of life and thereby making me a bit nervous.

ps – last political post til monday, so help me.


2 Responses to “going, going…”

  1. wobs Says:

    What, Duncan Hunter gets no mention in the crazy caucus? He’d bomb some brown-skinned people just as soon as any of those others!

  2. jen Says:

    Sure Mccain got a nod from the Des Moines Register, but did you hear why they endorsed him? Because they didn’t think any of the GOP candidates were that strong, and because only he showed some depth of character. I’m not anywhere nervous yet. I don’t they stand a chance unless you count HRC as one of them, then you’ve got me.

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