Red, Red, Red Alert

The comrade at the as-if-made-just-for-me blog hardcore for nerds have taken it upon m’selves to post tasties from each and every hoover-related rock group.

For those of us who hate music….hoover is probably the most influential dischord band never to feature ian mackaye. They arrived in them halcyon early 90s days when DC was starting to register the profound effects of dubby, downbeat-y rhythms and of touch and go records heavies like slint, the jesus lizard, rapeman et. al. Their the lurid transversal of route 7 is for me a high point in american hard/punk/core/rock…

despite so many of our friends getting engaged one way or another with corporate rocking for best and worst, dischord – and hoover –  always spoke to a kind of freedom (to rock, to angst-i-fy, to experiment) that only the outlands of indie rock could abide, at least back then.

members of hoover went on to prisonship favorites abilene, june of 44 and, well, all the bands you need to go check out at harcorefornerds.

i cannot overstate how blogs like this last one mentioned make me feel like my past needn’t actually be passed, aurally speaking. make me wanna start a band, but i can’t start a band.

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