Gotta Believe?

Explain to me, wobs – cuz i rully do wanna believe – how is it that Edwards can pull this thing off? I’m half a tick a way from buying a plane ticket to NH to volunteer for SOMEBODY, so tell me why it could/should be Johnny? What’s the, what’s the, what’s the scenario?
Or maybe SC would be the place to walk for Edwards?


One Response to “Gotta Believe?”

  1. wobs Says:

    I dunno what to tell you – a solid not-HRC has to emerge fast in the first four caucuses/primaries, or it’s going to be a long year of knocking on doors for her.

    If you want a little insider dish, an organization that has endorsed HRC has unexpectedly made plans to send people to Nevada. Best case scenario is Edwards wins Iowa, gets a bounce in NH and SC, and you pad the streets of Vegas. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t feel confident betting on those odds.

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