okay, poll

You are an Iowa caucus-goer. Do you vote w/ yr “head” or “heart?”  And for whom?

Both parties, please.


7 Responses to “okay, poll”

  1. jen Says:

    For the caucus, heart. For the final election, head.

  2. coffeeblackandcigarettes Says:

    I think my head is in my heart, or the other way around, so I just switch it up for the caucus and the election.

  3. wobs Says:

    For the D side, you’ve got use both: if it were solely heart, I’d be a Kucinich man, but we all know that he’s not going to win. Luckily, with the big three, you can still vote your heart, knowing that any of them could win in November. I’d caucus with the Edwards camp.

    For the R side, I’d have to go totally heart and pull the trigger for soul brother #1, Alan Keyes. I love his special kinda crazy.

  4. Dave3544 Says:

    D – At Iowa? I’d probably stick with Barack just to give someone a chance to compete with Hillary. I’ve fallen out of love with BO, but he’s still the best shot. In Oregon, I’ll probably vote for DK, if I have that option.

    R – All heart and Lord knows I heart Huckabee!

  5. pattyjoe Says:

    okay, i ask because i am torn, TORN, on the question of whether or not edwards is still viable, because as cool as obama is, edwards is running a way more balls-y, equally unprecedented campaign.

    that said, i’d caucus for edwards, but i do like obama, and i wonder if quick wins in Iowa-New Hampshire – Nevada couldn’t get us on the road to Anyone But Hillary–ville.

  6. wobs Says:

    And on the R side?

  7. lexdexter Says:

    on the R side it’d simply have to be Mitt, cuz of all the contenders I think he has the best chance of beating Rudy…barring an eleventh hour McCain surge which, if it were to happen, ain’t going to happen in Iowa.

    but yeah, Alan Keyes, man. he out-weirds Ron Paul and Gravel put together.

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