alt-drunk music

guess who’s back in town again?

that’s right, two reunion gigs feat. the “classic” trio lineup of pattyjoe/mashed potatoe/jordy:

december 28th @ sam bond’s (avec squids!)

december 30th @ kelly’s olympian (avec pellet gun!)

sorry, no tour until the 2-disc, deluxe edition of sand in the shower hits the streets. i’ll go to my grave regretting how dave’s billy ocean vocs on “pigfuck” ended up muted: not my decision, i promise.


3 Responses to “alt-drunk music”

  1. km Says:

    glad to see that you’re still out there.. and glad, also, to have this news. there’s an outside chance that we’ll make it to eugene in time for the sam bond’s gig. i’ll start lobbying now. it’d help my cause a lot if you could guarantee a less-dissonant, rohwer-friendly setlist. what say you?

  2. lexdexter Says:

    i say this: you should be receiving a long-overdue mailing by tomorrow.

    also, by the end times of the 3-piece falcon lineup, i’d say we were damn near “chilled out” sounding. i remember this show at a strip club that was gloriously mellow, to the chagrin of the garage punk bands we were sharing el bill-o with.

  3. km Says:

    il est arrivé–muchas gracias.

    reed loves the singlet (he challenges any-and-all of your rick-flair-lovin’ readers under the age of 6-months to no-holds-barred cagematch) and the mix-tape bonanza shall keep us occupied for months to come.

    sadly, our schedule won’t allow for our attendance at the reunion gig, so we’ll have to give peace a dance elsewhere– perchance by ringing in the new year in some manner?


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