and returning is so.. it’s hard to not want to blast you with some “here’s what’s happened,” but that very impulse towards grandeur’s held me back long enough.


1) a wishful Iowese prediction: Obama, Edwards, then Hilly. Wouldn’t you love to see her stumble suchly? This’d make Obama’s drafting right past her in NH that much more feasibler. That said, there’s still problems for Barack in Nevada, maybe even SC and, fuck, Florida.

2) fucking Huckaboom’ll be over soon. Better be, for Mitt’s sake, and by extension our own. Nobody, not even this political culture, deserves a Rudy-Hillary election. It’d be as alienating as an Obama victory’d be inspiring.

There. Silence Broken. More about books, recs, tv, Chavez soon.


8 Responses to “ahem”

  1. minx Says:

    Glad you’re back. I’d like to revisit your graph of different crime authors juxtaposed with the likes of Joyce and Calvino. What was your conclusion, again? Based on your initial discussion, I’ve now read several Michael Connelly books, including the Closers, Echo Park, City of Bones, and Lost Light. All good Bosch novels, but I think the Closers and City of Bones have the edge on the others. Interestingly for me, Lost Light was written in the first person. I’ve been reading Raymond Chandler’s first novel, the Big Sleep – very good, but not as good as Connelly in my opinion, despite the fact that Connelly is clearly indebted to Chandler. I also read half of a book by Ken Bruen called Ammunition, but I didn’t like it. I found it to be a series of sarcastic character studies without much in the way of suspense or mystery. Most of the events are sidelined by cynical pot-shots about law enforcement personalities in London.

  2. patty joe Says:

    i’ve been on an unprecedented crime fiction run, so you’ll be seeing more of the graph.

    you’d probably prefer bruen’s “jack taylor” novels – the guards, for example.

    i’d check out _the long goodbye_ before spreading around that message about connelly’s superiority.

    i’ve lately been slain by a novel called the long-legged fly, written by a southern dude who doubles as a biographer of surrealist Raymond Quenneau. stunning shit, so sad/funny, and with a similarly rich “sense of place,” if you’ll allow me that overused jockstrap of a literary term.

    yeah, i read connelly saying the shift to first-person was sort of a failed experiment. bosch rules, i concur. i have this bizarre promo cd compiled by the author that features bosch’s favorite jazz numbers. there’s even a little contempo joe henderson in there.

    and when’s your long-promised art and culture blog going to park next to this motherfucking x-wing?

    ps – rob played me this recording of congratulations backing up brian ecklund at a lambdapalooza show on saturday morning of a party weekend. it’s out of control. we open with “good lovin’.” it makes me feel really guilty, even now.

  3. lexdexter Says:

    oh, and of course the burke novels of andrew vachss, the verisimilitude of which border on that of batman comincs, but nonetheless…

  4. eliviraz Says:

    I noticed that Raymod Chandler looks like my dad. That’s if my dad shaved his beard and gelled his hair.

  5. kyle Says:

    I very, very much remember that. However, it was Harkey on bass instead of Minx.

  6. minx Says:

    No way, man. I played that show. I recall distinctly. We (spontaneously) sabotaged Brian’s gig by playing outrageously ironic deconstructions of everything happening. Wrong notes galore. Totally inappropriate rhythmical adjustments. Wild shrieks.

  7. minx Says:

    I didn’t plan on it happening. It just happened. I feel bad now. Brian didn’t deserve that.

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