naught even

i’m not even enjoying the acoustic gtr, honestly. it’s the wrong medium for me right now. it’s not even that “i wanna rock:” far from it. but i wanna reverberate.


3 Responses to “naught even”

  1. m. potato Says:

    keep your head low, but know your rights…

  2. km Says:

    tho’ i’m still awaiting the release (or my advance copy?) of the contemplative patty joe studio work, i welcome this change of heart. makes me sad to be so far from eugene. in fact, i find myself making a similar (annual?) rediscovery of my love of the mid-90s. looking for an ice-scraper, i recently found a cassette under the driver’s seat of my car w/ 24-hour revenge therapy on one side and superchunk’s tossing seeds on the other. i’ve given up npr for repeated playings of this on my 20-minute commute.


  3. dan Says:

    rock it! reverberate it! make it sizzle and wiggle

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