dems, da future

  1. stinkily, my teeth/mouth state is such that there’ll be no walkmen for me tonight. that means yours truly’ll end up succumbing to the call of the dems’ vegas debate. predictions? hillary’s back on top of her game; edwards is fiery as usual, though maybe less damagingly so; obama….? ‘pressure’s on him tonight. now we know he’s not going to come out swinging…fine. but he has to find another way to win. seriously, he needs to win one of these things. and what with his momentum, now’s the time.
  2. i’m enjoying my third or fourth love affair with this kind of music , and at least half of the twenty songs i’ve written since doubles either are that style or could be modified into such a mode. what’s more, i think that kind of pissed off, crescendoing action is appropriate – maybe for the last time – to “where i am” in my life. ‘problem is logistics… who do i know that’d wanna play in such a band for reals? where’d we practice? it’d almost be easier to rope my dream band into a few rehearsals and a recording, but the whole point of this kinda rock is playing it in the basements, you know? anybody know anybody in eugene that’d wanna do the unwound/slint mambo for real? i guess i miss the early, rodan-damaged woods.

One Response to “dems, da future”

  1. Kyle Says:

    God I wish I lived in Eugene.

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