truffaut re: PS first principles

an interview fragment, dated 3/3/1978 and included in truffaut by truffaut

Q: Did something in particular spark off this tardy interest in politics?

 A: I don’t consider myself of the Left, because I am not militant and I have no political activities, but I am leftish, I am not leftist. What I can’t take about left-wing intellectuals is that I often have the impression they are on the Left for wrong reasons, that is to say, to make themselves seem youthful, to look revolutionary.  For myself there is only a single, very good reason to be on the Left, that is because it is more just. That’s why I vote socialist. 


One Response to “truffaut re: PS first principles”

  1. Dave3544 Says:

    Not being up on my French-to-American political translations, can I substitute “democrat” for “socialist” here and endorse the quote?

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