quint, teeth, me, the dnc

i don’t know, chief. i don’t know if he’s very smart or very dumb.  

i’m beginning to wonder if obama’s not playing it really well right now, positioning himself as too cool to slander hillary while simultaneously casting aspersions re: edwards’ cred and talking bipartisan talk.  “come-to-jesus” talk.  hopefully i’ll be beer-buzzed (not drunk) and digging the walkmen at the doug fir when the nevada debates go down, cuz i expect they’ll be more of the same. hillary’ll be back on point, but the damage – which isn’t yet enough damage – will already have been done. it definitely feels more like a horse race than i thought it’d feel like a month ago.  and i wonder if edwards’ denunciations aren’t just saving obama from sullying himself. you? i actually think he’d be a damn compelling candidate in the general. am i an insane socialist from the nw with no perspective anymore?

meanwhile, my teeth are failing after years and years of neglect. go figure. i thought i’d at least wait until 2008 to begin with the half-dozen extractions i’m due, but i’ve got a hailstone-sized abcess parked atop my back-bottom jawbone. it’s made this joizee pained to say the least. on the flight out i had a middle seat in the back row. surrounded and unable to recline, i couldn’t even fall asleep on my throbbing face. the increased pressure that came with our gradual descent took me past prayers for passing out, all the way into full-blown tears.

speaking of, this weekend i visited my grandfather for the first time since his stroke this summer. heavy duty, seeing somebody who’s long epitomized the term “able,” saddled like we’re all gonna one day be saddled by the onset of too much place and time. the former and latter do wear a body down, no?  it was all i could do to talk about the games of catch we used to narrate as full-on 9-inning games. or the battleships he made for me in his workshop downstairs. all i really need is for that man to feel comfortable for however long, and all i can do is write letters, with tidbits from my life and times and the occasional dose of memories. while my mother and sister keep a vigil.

i’m telling you, it’s like the dischord version of stephen effing daedalus, over here. i wonder if i can find a smoothie in this aerorport.


3 Responses to “quint, teeth, me, the dnc”

  1. nuge Says:


    the teeth and gramps bit are really rough. Sorry to hear bout that. hope things level themselves out on those fronts. I dealt with the gramps bit when we were at Sewanee, and it was really tough, though it sounds like you’re handling it well. That’s all you can do my man.

    On the Obama front, you can say you’re a uniter until the cows come home, IMO Obama’s gotta come up with a policy platform otherwise he goes the road of so many Dems since Bill. I cannot and will not vote for a candidate who will call someone out, but not put together a policy platform that addresses the fundamental inconsistencies in someone else’s position. It’s time for the dems to get back to hardball (and not wolf in sheeps clothing conservatism) but democratic issues that have defined the course of the country (social issues, it’s the economy stupid, and look what a fucked up job the republs. have done on the foreign policy front). There’s not gonna be a winning dem. candidate unless the fires get stoked. Edwards is as close as you’re going to get right now as far as i’m concerned.

    That being said what are your thoughts on the way the democrats are handling the Kucinich impeachment motion. Doesn’t their (majority) attitude reinforce the perception by people on the fence that the democratic congress has no teeth. How can you “run on healthcare” and “ending the war” and fail miserably at both and then expect people to support your candidates for president in addition to claiming that you’re doing both, but won’t support a resolution with teeth. As far as I’m concerned the dem. congress needs to wake the &*^& up.

  2. minx Says:


    I’ve been the Kraken’s brother of late, due to my own teeth mismanagement and neglect. A dental visit is WAY overdue – as in 7 or more years since my last visit. I’m scared. I have a dirty smile.

  3. lexdexter Says:

    get in there minx, lest you reap the whirlwind. besides, if anything really serious goes down they’ll probably give you nitrous.

    the nitrous isn’t as strong as the chargers, as you’d probably guess. but it has a pleasant, often hilarious overall effect after thirty minutes.

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