damning with faint grace

rough blurb about the parson redheads, who we be opening for on Sunday.

Following a psychedelic rock revival led in part by the success of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols’ documentary, Dig!, Parson Red Heads sound like everyone you have already heard, but it resonates well.

i haven’t been in OR long enough to take seriously the idea of a scene-let inspired by those aforementioned two bands, but it’s all true. au contraire, i have been here long enough to read such a mailed-in review in the EW and figure the jury’s out. the jury’ll always be out on everything, which is why doing your civic duty seems so dangerously, so unfortunately consequential.


the thurston/brokaw/heyner/shelley/tamara was a blow-out. great times.


One Response to “damning with faint grace”

  1. m. potato Says:

    looks like the EW strikes again with their awe-inspiring wealth of musical knowledge. as far as i know, the only thing Dig! inspired was a bunch frat boys to start showing up at BJM shows taunting Anton to “do something crazy” as evidenced by the pitiful bunch drunken assholes that ruined what could have been a perfectly good show at this years MFNW in portland. if that weekly writer wants to learn more about bands in that vein, they should do some homework for a change, and look to the late’80’s/ early-mid ’90’s show-gaze scene coming out of jolly ol’ manchester -or- buy the “British Empire and Beyond Nuggets II” box set for the cliff’s notes on the origin of these influences…

    on a lighter note, ’twas good to see your bearded mug at the TM show last night. and just in case i didn’t convey it last night: DF was not a “missionary style” band in my humble opinion, and that’s no joke…jack!

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