campaign name

hi, america.

it just gets weirder, weirder, weirder and more weird over here, living on a campaign.

noteworthily, i am, like, completely  enthralled with the last Jayhawks album – the Rick Rubin one with the pretty cover

– like nothing since i first heard 100 miles off . i checked this record out from the public library – many props to s/he who (wo)mans the cd buying duties, by le by – and’ve just about fallen into an obsessive sound-trench from it. briefly:

1) forget genre associations, cuz this songwriting and these performances are way more mature than any such. if ryan adams or jeff tweedy make records that even sound 70s-ish, we all applaud. like magnolia electric and anders at their absolute highest heights, this record stops transcends ersatz, homage, etc…. breaking new ground in the old neighborhood. a few of these songs, shucks, i just listen to ’em again and again.

2) what’s going on with rick rubin, btw? there’re parts of that dixie chicks record i really like, too.  that could be a sign that my opinionated-ism is going way south, though… or it could be plain nepotism.

(Word is that step-broth’s band is getting back together.)

we are playing a gig on Sunday – snoider, roob and mew. it’s the new lineup, linus. we’re dusting off a tune from a past life that i’m in particular overjoyed to see retrofit.

what else? the band is going to see thurston/brokaw/shelley at the doug fir tomorrah. what else? raenie. listening to the audiobook version of this,

it’s something to think about. what’s more pomo than fundamentalism, i wonder? weird when belief trumps theory, or when there’s a revival of theories of belief.  it could probably happen to me. all sorts of things happen to people.

One Response to “campaign name”

  1. minx Says:

    Lex, have you ever read Jihad Vs. McWorld? Book from the ’90s.
    I just saw the documentary Iraq in Fragments. It was purty interesting and scary.

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