big deal if you’re me

it would seem that james heartfield has written a very critical history of the New Left Review, entitled “Pessimism of the Intellect” after the business end of Gramsci’s famous admonishment to socialists. regardless of how much punishment it takes out on this very large influence of mine, it’ll probably be as useful a skeleton key of the post-60s, Anglo-Marxist vibe as i’ll ever have time to take in… amy newman’s book about artforum was similarly useful in making as much sense out of a different intellectual vector as i’ll probably ever feel like i need.

but what’s next, heartfield. Jay Farrar: Archduke of the Morose? i won’t let you slay any more prisonship giants until 2010, thanks much.


One Response to “big deal if you’re me”

  1. James Heartfield Says:

    Lexdexter – I wish I had written Pessimism of the Intellect, which is very good, but I only wrote a review of it (which is where your link leads).

    Duncan Thompson wrote Pessimism of the Intellect, which is published by Merlin Press

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